Firm Overview

The Intuition portfolio of businesses has been providing solutions for jurisdictions, government entities and private industries for over twenty-five years. The common thread that ties all of our companies together is our dedication to providing clients with the highest quality solutions, allowing them to realize cost savings and increased efficiencies for their core business activities.

Long term growth and stability is the foundation of Intuition. Our spirit of innovation has led us into new areas of client service, with an ever increasing dedication to understanding and meeting their unique needs. Below you will find our current portfolio with links to their respective business sites.

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Jacksonville office round corners[1]

Jacksonville Office

9428 Baymeadows Rd.
Suite 500
Jacksonville, Florida

Tallahassee office round corners[3]

Tallahassee Office

325 John Knox Rd.
Suite 205
Tallahassee, Florida

AZ round corners[3]

Arizona Office

1295 W Washington St.
Suite 209
Tempe, Arizona